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I can’t - Radiohead


I can’t



And that’s why they’re friends.


Magic autumn rain

Magic autumn rain

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"I have no sense of self. I have no personality, no brilliant color. I have nothing to offer. That’s always been my problem. I feel like an empty vessel. I have a shape, I guess, as a container, but there’s nothing inside.”…”Let’s say you are an empty vessel. So what? What’s wrong with that?” Eri said. “You’re still a wonderful, attractive vessel. And really, does anybody know who they are? So why not be a completely beautiful vessel? The kind people feel good about, the kind people want to entrust with precious belongings."

— Haruki Murakami - Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage (via murakamistuff)

I feel this way sometimes. That I have nothing to offer yet I find myself with good people. Sometimes it hurts because I feel like I’m going to let those people down or disappoint them once they see the the emptiness inside me. Also the fear that I’ll be replaced and discarded soon after. But that pain belongs to me and is a reminder that my heart still beats.

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You said we were an accident
With accidents you’ll never know what could have been
So we were an accident
You’ll always be my favorite one

You hit the road and left me an ocean



Mind-Boggling Food Realizations [distractify]

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I took the stars from my eyes,
And then I made a map,
And knew that somehow,
I could find my way back.
Then I heard your heart beating,
You were in the darkness too,
So I stayed in the darkness with you.

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19 #WhyIStayed tweets everyone needs to see

While many cheered the NFL’s move to (finally) punish Rice’s vicious behavior, too many media outlets immediately fell into a tired pattern of victim blaming. 

Writer Beverly Gooden had heard enough. “I was watching the responses to the TMZ on my timeline, and I noticed a trend. People were asking ‘why did she marry him?’ and ‘why didn’t she leave him,’” Gooden told Mic. “When I saw those tweets, my first reaction was shame. The same shame that I felt back when I was in a violent marriage. It’s a sort of guilt that would make me crawl into a shell and remain silent. But today, for a reason I can’t explain, I’d had enough. I knew I had an answer to everyone’s question of why victims of violence stay. I can’t speak for Janay Rice, I can only speak for me.”

Gooden decided to change the conversation. Follow micdotcom


by 佐々

by 佐々

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